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c'mon and jump on the bandwagon!

I was watching the news the other day and they reported on a study that proves that sleep deprivation is very harmful to your health. So yea... tell me something I don't know.... but then it goes on to say that to get even more restful sleep it helps to drink alcohol or use drugs.


So next time dont' take a swing of Nyquil - take a shot of Tequila and a hit of the bong. Doctors recommend it for good sleep and good sleep = good health. Thusly drinking and smoking = good health.

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very nice theory.

no no fact. its a fact.

by the way. love your icon

*points at my user info*

::scratches head:: umm... i needed some sleep aide... so yea.... i'm lost as to what i'm looking for in your user info .... ?
the rejected....you icon...is from the rejected.

in my user info theres a scene from the rejected...

the stick figure with the spoon and the banana.

yeah...never mind it seemed clever but now its just a hassle.
I SEE!!! AHHH!!! Sorry for the slowness....

Hi. I'm Helen.
haha hey im april
I swear pot is the only way that I get any sleep if not i'm up all night living proof this is a true study!!!!