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Warning this entry were written by a person under the influence of mary jane.READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The musing and misspellings of one stoned mother fucker.

I was having cereal and it was Fruit Loops, right, and so after finishing I finally figured out why theri motto is taste the rainbow. i FINALLY TASTED THE BLUEBERRIES! But then I started starng at the milk and got grossed out. I always said my vision imporved everytime I smoked pot.

I am listening to an MP3 I loving titled as "High Times", because this little disk contains the best possible music to be stoned to. The list includes greatly just Portishead. Listen to just one song and you'll realize how fucking amazing theur music is and how fucking crazy that chick's voice really is. The other stuff is the Remixed Versions of Sarah McLachan's music. The bass beats behind those songs are the best.

I feel the milk in the back of my thraot. Eek.

I am remembering the time I smoked Kush with my ex-gf, right before we were dropped off at the train station in Santa Barbara. It was 4:20 and we couldn't possibly pass up the chance of some prime-o bud. So we toked in the car on the way to the station, I took down around 8 hits before I was cruising. So we get to the train station and we are just getting baked on the mid-morning sun. I was stoned beyond belief, and they expected us to write our own baggage claim tickets. Man I have never thought anything funnier that me and her writing baggage tickets out for five minutes. Then being so slow that we almost miss our train back to Los Angeles.... and then eating like pigs on the train. I spent 21 bucks on lunch for just me and her. Swear to you, we ate for like three people. Munchies are always made more enjoyable than by Krispy Kreme donuts. We got to L.A. in like three hours and mind you we had arrived at the station and hour and a half earlier than we had left and at 7 that night.... 9 hours since I had smoked.... I was still fucking buzzing it. Nine fucking hours later. It was some amazing shit.... I miss visiting my friends at UCSB. Pot and Pizza... what fond memories.

I smoked some chronic like an hour ago and am now chilling, this is some niceness. Remind me to thank Andrea for giving me some of her stash. I just love that girl.

I want to eat. I really want some fucking pizza. But alas I have no money. ::tear:: But never fear! I think we have some chicken nuggets. ... . No I lie, we don't have any chicken nuggets.

I want to someday owm a Denny's.

Alright. I feel I have blabbed enough.

Wait! I want some opinions. I am going to get a Harp tattoed on my back b/w my shoulder blades, it stands for my god mother HOLLY HARP. (Look her up if you wanna learn about a remarkable American designer.) But I'm not sure if my back is the best place, any ideas would be appreciated, but remember I am studying to be a pyschologist - so make it somewhere discreet.

Okay now I'm gonna stop.

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