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how much vodka gets you drunk? i had a capful earlier today and it didn't do shit. i'll prolly try 1½ tonite...maybe 2.

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drink a whole pint at least, you fucking pussy
A capful, what the hell???
You need to get a shotglass or something.. and take a few shots. 1.5 cap fulls???????? what?????
yeah, i usually need at least 7 or 8 hits of a pint before im drunk, and im a HUGE're gonna have to do better than that, babe.
i didn't start off with much, but then i decided to jus drink a bunch...i'm not sure how much it was, but i finally got the job done. i didn't know it was so fuckin hard to get drunk...damn.

"i didn't know it was so fuckin hard to get drunk...damn."

drink beer, it's quicker if you drink it quick.

drink liquor, generally takes longer. but if you drink a bunch really quick, you'll just get completely fucked up once it hits.

i'll stick with the liquor. i hate beer!

i hear that. beer does suck. haven't found a beer i like yet.

i personally like stolichnaya orange vodka, smirnoff citrus twist, tropico (bacardi gold rum and assorted juices), bacardi o, jagermeister, etc...
i'm personally a fan of the malts. smirnoff ice, smirnoff tripple black, bacardi silver, skyy...and of course vodka...straight, or with somethin.

yeah, those are good too.

you should try the stolichnaya malt...yummy
Hahaha. Did you honestly expect a capful of vodka to do shit? hahaha that's just too funny.
i'm 15. how should i know this shit? i'm not a big alcoholic that drinks every day of my life. i'm sure you weren't born with the knowledge either...